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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Soal-Soal Latihan Gerund and Infinitive

Morning Students,

Here are some assignments for your holiday...dont forget to do them during the holiday as your practice so that you will not forget about using gerunds and infinitives.

Change the verb into Gerund or infinitive

1) We decided (buy) a new car

2) They've got some work (do).

3) Peter gave up (smoke) .

4) He'd like (fly) an aeroplane.

5) I enjoy (write) picture postcards.

6) Do you know what (do) if there's a fire in the shop?

7) Avoid (make) silly mistakes.

8) My parents wanted me (be) home at 11 o'clock.

9) I dream about (build) a big house.

10) I'm hoping (see) Lisa

  1. I had to ask the boys (stop) (ride) their mini-scooters in the corridor.
    2. Don't start (try) (learn) algebra before you have finished (learn) (do) simple things in arithmetic.
    3. We can't think of (buy) a new house before (sell) the old one.
    4. I'd love (have) the opportunity of (meet) you again.
    5. Our teacher has promised (help) us (prepare) for next week's test.
    6. I hate (get up) early in winter and (get ready) in the dark.
    7. If you can't fix that old thing, try (hit) it with a hammer!
    8. I saw her (sit) at the bus stop, and I heard her (tell) her friend not to wait for her.
    9. Poor Charles! The police suspected him of (try) (sell) stolen bicycles.
    10.Can you manage (finish) (pack) these parcels alone?

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